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Why pick an inexperienced Leader for your technology team when you can retain a high profile former SIlicon Valley Executive on a time share basis? Consider retaining The Technology Gurus to assign you a dedicated Technology Executive to manage your technology efforts and lead your software development team on a part time basis. 
  • Include an Experienced Technology Executive in your management team on a Timeshared Basis!Technology Executive Search is the Catch-22 for small technology start-ups - they really need an experienced technology executive in order to grow revenues and profits, but the business can't afford to pay for a full time experienced technology executive. In fact, the tradition executive search itself takes 6 to 12 months and costs $100,000 or more.
  • The Technology Gurus can help you get rid of that Catch-22 in your technology executive search. Engaging one of our experienced executives on a “time shared” basis will give you the resource you need to grow revenues without putting undue strain on finances. You will have the top-notch technology management capabilities of an experienced technology executive available to your company without the overheads such as payroll taxes, benefits and severance costs that must be borne in the traditional executive engagement/ de-engagement.

    VP Engineering / Technology executive time-sharing offers several benefits over traditional technology executive search:
    • Technology management services by a seasoned executive with technology management skills learned at leading Silicon Valley technology firms
    • Domain level experience in Social Commerce, Social Networking, Healthcare, eCommerce, and Internet & Mobile Payments.
    • Past Experience in successful merger, acquisition or sale of business.

    Find out more about how we can provide you the right technology management expertise at the right price.

    Why Us?
    • Our technology executive timesharing team includes managers with experience at prestigious high-tech companies including Oracle, PeopleSoft, Sun Micro-systems, and
    • Our client base includes companies in Social Commerce, Social Networking, Mobile Commerce, Location Based Services, Long-term Care/ Healthcare, Insurance and Specialty Retail domains.
    • Participation in more 35 mergers or acquisitions.
    • Significant experience in implementing Lean Agile development processes

    Stop the push-pull of finances and need.
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  • Media Excerpts
    InfoTECH Feature: New Company is Cheaper Alternative to Traditional Exec Search for SMBs
    June 1, 2011
  • In order to help SMBs save on their technology-expert-hiring budgets, the formerOracle/PeopleSoft veteran Yashpal Talreja has launcheda new company called The Technology Gurus.
    By offering technology management services to small- or medium-sized technology companies on a timesharing basis, the company aims to provide small and medium companies with affordable alternative for the traditional technology executive search.
    An experienced technology expert is an indispensable part of any technology business-a venture-backed resourceful company or a star-up on a shoe string budget. But small and medium businesses often find it beyond their capacity as the industry’s top executives will not settle on anything under a six figure salary. Add to this the head hunting cost, and it becomes too expensive for the companies to hire a technology expert.
    By introducing the concept of technology executive timesharing, The Technology Gurus offers a solution to this predicament. The company has offices in Silicon Valley and San Diego. The company will be offering technology management services to its clients on a timesharing basis where a qualified associate serves as a company's chief technology officer on a part time basis. The service follows a pay-by-the-hours-needed model and allows start-up hi-tech firms to considerably reduce their operational costs.

Customer Testimonials

 "Hiring "the Technology Gurus"for managing our Web site development took a load off our mind as well as off our payroll. Outsourcing technology management allowed us to focus on our business objectives without having to worry about day-to-day technology management decisions."  ...................... Mr. Bruce Klickstein, President, Meca Communications, a social networking & internet marketing start-up. 
"Technology executive timesharing allowed us to continue to run lean operations,"  "We outsource our development to an offshore team, but having an executive on site was a great help in terms of contributing to company's strategy and providing the bridge between the offshore software team and marketing and business development teams based in US."     ....................   Dr. Gerald W. Flanagan, CEO,CredentialedCARE Corp., a premier provider of long-term care HRMS and verification services.

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