The Technology Gurus

The Technology Gurus is a boutique technology consulting company led by Yash Talreja. Our services include:
  • Executive Level Technology Consulting
  • Interim CTO/ VP Engineering:  Include an Experienced Technology Executive in your management team on an interim or part time / time shared basis! Our technology executive team includes former executives and senior managers with experience from prestigious high-tech companies including Oracle, PeopleSoft, Sun Micro-systems, and Click here for more details,
  • Lean Outsourcing: We combine efficiency of Lean Agile methodologies such as SCRUM and Test Driven Development with the cost advantage of  offshore and near-shore resources. We have more than 8  years of experience delivering projects combining economics of offshore development with efficiency and agility of Lean Agile methodologies.Learn more about our Lean Outsourcing Service, orContact Us.  
  • Technology Due Diligence: Acquiring or investing in a business is by its nature a complex process. Evaluating a technology company is even morecomplex because of intangible but critical assets: Software programs, the development process, the know-how of the staff. We can help you assess the quality, robustness and scalability of software, and the callibre of the technolog staff.Learn more about our Technology due diligence practice.
  • Lean Agile Coaching:  Considering adpoting  Lean Agile development methodologies? Looking for someone to mentor your development team.Find out more about our Lean Agile Coaching practice.
  • Big Data Analytics: Need help in sorting out yourBig Data and mine it to find the hidden gems? We can help with your Big Data Analytics projects.Contact us today.
Why Us?
  • Our team includes former executives and senior managers with experience at prestigious high-tech companies including Oracle, PeopleSoft, Sun Micro-systems, and
  • We have more than 8 years of expereince in implemeting Lean Agile methodologies with globally distributed teams.
  • Our client base includes companies in Social Commerce, Social Networking, Mobile Commerce, Location Based Services, Long-term Care/ Healthcare, Insurance and Specialty Retail domains.
  • We have participated in more 35 mergers or acquisitions as advisors or assessors and have experience in representing both sides.  
  • Significant experience in implementing Lean Agile development processes
  • Access to resources via the 5000 member strong Lean Agile Group, 2000 strong Oracle Alumni group and 3000 member strong Amazon Alumni group

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