Thursday, February 3, 2011

Social Commerce To Rise Six Fold To $30 Billion In 2015, According To Booz & Co

Booz & Co has released their report "Turning “Like” to “Buy” Social Media Emerges as a Commerce Channel" , concluding that social media as a commerce channel is emerging and considering targeted efforts to integrate social commerce as part of an overarching multi-channel strategy.
Some hightlights from the report:
  • Conversion” will be impacted most by social commerce
  • By 2015, the dollar volume of goods sold through social media should rise six fold, to $30 billion from $5 billion this year (graph below)
  • In Booz & Company’s 2010 survey, 71 percent of social networking users said their “liking” a company on Facebook would have no impact on their propensity to buy from that company.
  • Social commerce will marry multiple types of data—purchase, behavioral, and demographic—to form sociographic data that tracks not only what individuals buy but what their friends buy.
  • Four Imperatives to getting started: 1) Jump in soon and learn by doing 2) Develop a strategy for getting the data you need. 3) Define what the customer experience should be. 4) Integrate social commerce into an overall multichannel strategy
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