Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Very Impressed with Amazon Web Services Booth at the Oracle Open World!

I visited Amazon Web Services Booth at Oracle Open World today and was very impressed! While the other booths spent tons on money on the usual glitz including flashy displays, free giveaways and in some cases, even recruited local "talent" as booth eye candy [ a technical term which frequent conference goers  are familiar with ;-) ], Amazon's booth was a model of its legendary efficiency - small, but very functional.

No superfluous glitz, no fancy displays, no eye candy or even chocolate candy, it was nevertheless the most useful booth in terms of dissemination of information. The 3 men-in-black (coincidence? ) efficiently directed you to a small area inside the booth where Amazon managed to put a table and chairs and host session after session of very useful technical presentations.

Unlike other booths handing out gifts and useless stuff, the only hand outs given out at AWS both were the detailed white papers (this was refreshingly different from the others).

Phew! During the lean times, companies planning to operate lean will definitely be attracted to AWS, just because their booth was such a great example of running lean operations and eliminating waste I spend a whole 2 hours attending 2 sessions, and I am NOT even actively using AWS. 

 I attended presentations titled "Databases in the Cloud - Endless Possibilities" and "AWS Solution Providers Programs for System Integrators" there were 15 presentations rotating through 30 slots over 3 days.

Other presentations, which I did NOT attend included "Introducing Amazon RDS", "AWS - Best way to keep up with all Oracle Technologies", "Oracle Hyperion in the Cloud", "Building Apps on the AWS cloud" (these all repeated every day) and a whole bunch of case studies.

From the case studies presented, looks like lot of Oracle customers are using the Amazon Cloud. I don't work for or speak for the Amazon Web Services team, heck, I am not even a current user (I just keep an eye on it) but I was impressed by their booth enough - may be fatigue caused by glitzy booths with too much chocolate or eye candy and give away crap but no real substance? 

Great Job, AWS team!

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