Sunday, June 14, 2015

YouTube Users Now at 1B Per Month

Advertisers, take heed: YouTube is now being visited by over 1 billion unique users every month.

That’s ten times more viewers than a fully packed Super Bowl Game. It's nearly 50% of the total number of persons who go on the World Wide Web. In fact, if YouTube did not exist, Madonna and Psy would have to do their Madison Square Garden concert 200,000 times so that their entire (YouTube) audience could watch them.

That’s a lot of viewers.

Thanks to YouTube, we’ve seen concerts, discovered new talent, learned new skills, and built business, not just from our computers but even through our smartphones. We’ve uploaded videos, shared our favorites with our social networks, created channels, subscribed, and tuned in.

In this day and age when networking and communication means so much, YouTube has been there to give us an efficient, enjoyable, and effective way to network and communicate. Through YouTube, we have been more able to reach out to the world, and the world has been more able to reach back to us.

No wonder over a billion people are coming to YouTube per month these days – and I expect it will remain so in the days to come.

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