Friday, April 12, 2013

Mobile Commerce Predicted to Dwarf eCommerce in Volume

BigCommerce, an e‑commerce software company, has recently published an infographic stating that, in the near future, people are very likely to turn to mobile commerce, or m‑commerce, rather than to e‑commerce or even brick‑and‑mortar stores for their shopping needs.

Among the reasons for this projected shift are the increasing accessibility of mobile commerce, as near‑field communication (NFC) technology becomes more widespread and more NFC‑enabled phones are projected to be shipped in 2015; the increasing prevalence of smartphones; the increasing amount of credibility that people give to companies with good m‑commerce sites; and the growing practice of showrooming among retail shoppers, where they look at items in brick‑and‑mortar stores but turn to m‑commerce or e‑commerce to find better prices or deals and to make actual purchases.

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