Friday, February 28, 2014

Safety Labs Launches SafetyLINK, a Personal S.O.S. Device

In a press release released earlier today, New York based Safety Labs, Inc. today announced SafetyLINK, a small, wearable personal safety device the size of a US quarter that can be used to send personal S.O.S. (distress) messages when the wearer feels she is in danger. 

SafetyLINK combines the advances in hardware, communication technologies such as Bluetooth and cloud computing  to create a safety network for everyone, everywhere. The goal of the SafetyLINK device is to provide personal safety and security to families, children and women across US and Canada by giving everyone access to a personal S.O.S. device which can be used to alert your family, community and police in case of personal and medical emergencies. 

In addition to providing a quick way of notifying relatives and law enforcement authorities,  SafetyLINK is also very useful for anyone needing help in an accident.  SafetyLINK's fall detector technology can be configured to detect falls and automatically alert remote care givers which is very useful for seniors living on their own. The automotive version of the SafetyLINK personal safety equipment can detect crash situations informs 911 and the SafetyLINK network.

 Sanjay Chadha, co-founder and CEO of Safety Labs, Inc. describes SafetyLINK as bringing communities, public assistance and law enforcement authorities together to provide a safety shield to people.  SafetyLINK is following the kick starter/ crowd funding model whereby contributors can pre-order SafetyLINK devices. 

Discounted pricing for pre-ordered devices starts at $22, and includes complementary accessories. Read the full press release here, or learn more about SafetyLINK here.

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