Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Amazon to Acquire Web-based Math Learning Company TenMarks

Amazon Inc. recently announced that it will be buying 
TenMarks in an agreement that will likely be wrapped up in the fourth quarter of 2013. TenMarks provides innovative math learning curriculum to students all over the United States.

Vice President of Amazon Kindle Dave Limp said that both Amazon and TenMarks hold student learning in high regard. The two companies will together create high-value educational content and applications in several platforms including online, smartphones and Kindle gadgets that students, teachers and parents will have fun with.

TenMarks co-founder Rohit Agarwal added that both Amazon and TenMarks aim to create practical solutions for schools and families. TenMarks allows students, teachers and parents to use several resources, including programs for professional development and communication tools with the students’ parents. Agarwal also said that he believes Amazon and TenMarks will create “significant innovations in the K-12 arena.”

TenMarks says that their company provides personalized math instruction and practice to K-12 students in a clear and manageable format. The program also comes with clues and videos, along with real-time scores. TenMarks has geared their product design to help students be motivated, nurtured and engaged individuals in their learning.

Accroding to Aarti Chandna, CEO of Foundze, Inc., a leading website for educational apps, “Educational apps are becoming more main stream in K-12 education.” Chandna added that the effectiveness of an educational app depends not only on how easy it is to use but also in how well it holds a student’s attention and engages them throughout the learning program. For the teacher, on the other hand, the educational app should make assignments simplified and personalized, based on the abilities of the students, and automate grading. Chandna also said that Amazon’s acquisition of TenMarks is a sign that the traditional method of teaching is being replaced as bigger companies are revealing their interest in the development of educational apps.

The terms of the Amazon’s acquisition deal with TenMarks were not revealed, with the deal still subject to several closing conditions.

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