Friday, November 21, 2014

Report on AnDevCon, 2014, San Francisco

This year again, I was able to attend AnDevCon the premier technical conference for Android developers held on November 18-21 in San Francisco.

The conference was attended by more than 1,000 software developers - many entrepreneurs who had build their own apps. The attendees were able to choose from 70+ classes which ranged from Introductory to Advanced levels. As common with many such conferences, there was a day of pre-conference tutorial, Exhibits with free admission, Lightening talks, fireside chat and a conference party.

Even though AnDevCon is advertised to be an (Android) developer conference, there is actually a lot of useful information even if you are not a hardcore software programmer who develops code in Android for a living, but someone involved in the Mobile App industry. The 4 conference was held from November 12th  to November 15th in Burlingame near San Francisco Airport. In addition to numerous classes covering both broad topics such as Android Concurrency, Security, Cross platform development and Details of Specific sets of Android APIs such as those involving Image, Sound and Video handling, to very narrow and focused areas such as 3D modeling and Payment APIs for Paypal support; there were also several interesting keynotes by speakers from Google, Twitter, Qualcomm and Blackberry. There was also an "Android Business" track and a plethora of major companies exhibiting at the event, including Google (no surprise), Amazon, Sony, Adobe, and Intel, among others.

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